Nürburgring VLN2
LFA, Class Victory!

2014.06.05 Challenge to Nürburgring2014

LFA and 86 from GAZOO Racing participated in VLN2 held in Nürburgring, Germany on 12th April, 2014. (Germany time)

Tuning-up vehicles in an actual race and improvement of the crew’s skill in the runup to 24-Hour Nürburgring were the purposes of VLN2. In the qualifying session, both LFA in SP8 Class and 86 in SP3 Class acquired the Class victory. However unexpected accident damaged 86’s rear in the latter stage of the race that resulted in missing the final session in spite of desperate fixing.

Participated in the final as only entry from GAZOO Racing, LFA experienced destabilizing race having a red flag by an accident, but with steady run, it ranked 18th overall and won in SP8 Class.