All 3 cars completes VLN3 in Nürburgring

2014.04.27 Challenge to Nürburgring2014

GAZOO Racing fielded two LFAs and one 86 to VLN3 (56.ADAC ACAS H&R-Cup) held in Nürburgring, Germany on 26th April, 2014 and all three cars completed the race.

As same as VLN2 tuning-up vehicles in a race in the runup to 24-Hour Nürburgring was the main purpose of the entry. It was the first race for LEXUS LFA Code X that was brought as an experimental vehicle for future sport car development. Team sought its suitable setup for the Nürburgring course through the race.

In qualifying session, LFA, No.48 ranked 19th overall / won in SP8 Class. 86, No.86 ranked 141th / won in SP3 Class. LFA Code X, No.53 ranked 24th overall / 2nd in SP PRO Class. The result made all three entries start the final session being ranked at the top in each class.

In the final held in the afternoon, LFA Code X, No.53 urgently made a pit stop in its 2nd lap due to the flat tire. In the 6th lap, LFA, No.48 and LFA Code X, No.53 significantly dropped back by a pit stop for vehicle check. Also 86, No.86 damaged its rear bumper by being involved in a collision in the 8th lap and made a pit stop to have a quick fix. As a result of above, all three entries turned out to drop back in the first half race.

All three cars quickly made a comeback to the race after fixing and completed the 4 hour-race. They finished as follows; LFA, No48 ranked 133th overall / 5th in SP8 Class, LFA Code X, No53 ranked 67th overall / 3rd in SP PRO, 86, No.86 ranked 99th overall / 2nd in SP3 Class. GAZOO Racing brings back the results and issues acquired from this race, and prepare even better condition for the 24-Hour Nürburgring in June.