Challenge to Nürburgring

2014.06.05 Challenge to Nürburgring2014



LEXUS LFA, No. 79: 36th overall / 2nd in SP8 Class(79 laps)
TOYOTA 86, No. 136: 63th overall / 2nd in SP3 Class(73 laps)

As same as previous year LFA and two 86, three cars in total participated in the race. LFA was driven by four drivers, Kageyama, Ishiura, Oshima and Morizo who participated in 24H Nürburgring for the first time in 4 years. Four drivers, Iida, Iguchi, Gamo and Morizo got behind the wheel of 86, No.135. Also four drivers, Kinoshita, Sato, our employee Yabuki and Hirata took the wheel of 86, No.136. Morizo made double-entry with LFA and 86.
24-Hour Nürburgring in 2013 was held one month earlier than usual and was hit by the heavy rain. It was cloudy with occasional rain in qualifying sessions. 86, No.136 in the 1st qualifying and 86, No.135 in the 2nd qualifying crashed in the low road surface temperature. Car No.136 could get back to the course with desperate recovery work by mechanics, but unfortunately Car No. 135 had to retire.
Although it was cloudy at the beginning in the final session, stronger rain started around 9 PM made the night session dangerous. The race was the Red Flag-suspended for 9 hours before it was resumed at 8 AM next morning still in the rain. LFA, No.79 maintained Class 2nd, 86, No.136 moved up from Class 3rd to Class 2nd and safely got checkered flag.



LEXUS LFA, No.83: 15th overall / Class win in SP8 (147 laps)
TOYOTA 86, No.166: 46th overall / Class win in SP3 (129 laps)
TOYOTA 86, No.165 65th overall / 6th in SP3 Class (125 laps)

In addition to the conventional LFA, GAZOO Racing fielded two 86s debuted in VLN9 in previous year. Although LFA, No. 83 driven by three drivers, Kinoshita, Iida and Wakisaka got into collision, it left others under 2nd far behind and ranked 15th overall and won in SP8 Class. Four drivers of 86, No.166, Kageyama, Sato, employees of TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Takaki and Katsumata moved down due to some troubles but with persistent drive, they ranked 46th overall and won in SP3 Class. 86, No.165 with four drivers, Ishiura, Oshima, Iguchi and Takaki also completed the race and ranked 65th overall and 6th in SP3 Class. Those resulted in double Class win and all entries’ finish.



LEXUS LFA, No.88: 41st overall / 3rd in SP8 Class (133 laps)
LEXUS LFA, No.87: 134th overall / 8th in SP8 Class (83 laps)

Bolstered by its first Class win in the previous year, GAZOO Racing once again entered two LEXUS LFAs in 2011 for its 5th year.
Three drivers, Kinoshita, Lotterer and Wakisaka took the wheel of Car No.87. Meanwhile Iida, Oshima and Ishiura got behind the wheel of Car No.88. Both completed the race and Car No.88 resulted in 41st overall / 3rd in class and Car No.87 in 134th overall / 8th in class.



LEXUS LFA, No. 50: 18th overall / Class win in SP8 (142 laps)
LEXUS LFA, No.51: NC – 67 laps (Crossed the finish line but didn’t complete the required distance to be classified).

It was the 4th year for the challenge to Nürburgring. With the team’s consistent theme since 2007, “Adding taste to car making through races”, the new challenge began having drivers, Wakisaka and Oshima.
In spite of facing repeated accidents, Car No.50 ranked 18th overall / Class win. Car No.51 couldn’t complete the required distance to be classified but crossed the finish line with the passion of mechanics.



LEXUS LF-A, No. 14: 87th overall / 4th in SP8 Class (114 laps)
LEXUS LF-A, No. 15: DNF (106 laps)

As the 3rd year the main purpose of 2009 was vehicle and human resource development as same as 2008. The grueling race bore many fruit in terms of vehicle and people development. 2009 was also marked by the introduction of 500 limited LFA production model at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.



LEXUS LF-A, No.14: 121th overall / 7th in SP8 Class (106 laps)

The development of the LEXUS LF-A racing car was the next natural step in our effort to “add taste to car making” achieved through the racing activities. Our entry in this 24 hours endurance race – considered to be the most demanding format in motor sport – provided the perfect environment for vehicle development and adding taste and character. For all intents and purposes, this is the birthplace of the LFA production model.


アルテッツァ RS200

ALTEZZA RS200, No.110: 104th overall / 14th in SP3 Class (82 laps)
ALTEZZA RS200, No.109: 110th overall / 16th in SP3 Class (80 laps)

The beginning of GAZOO Racing projects goes back to this very first team entry in the 24 Hours Nürburgring in 2007. The objective was to “add taste to car making” through the racing activities. GAZOO Racing has been trying to offer the pleasure of owning a car, driving cars and talking about cars.
Our pursuit of making cars brimming with character started from here to attract and inspire people.

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