The 5 Continents Drive Project first started with “Employee Driving Project in Australia” in 2014, it was continued to in North America in 2015. Under the umbrella of “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing”, which has the philosophy of motor sports activity as its base, TOYOTA employees themselves drive cars on rough roads of the world and through the experience, which could not be achieved through regular test course driving, strive toward “Making Better Cars” and “Developing Human Resources”. With the milestone of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, we will continue this activity.


(Summer) June 24 – September 9,2015 (Winter) November
18 – December 18,2015


(Summer) Starting from the State of Texas, the
expedition went to the east coast and across
America passing through Canada and Mexico.

(Winter) Expedition in cold areas in Canada and

Vehicles involved

In addition to Land Cruiser 200, an Australian
expedition car, 23 types of cars centering on
North American manufacturers’

and mass-manufactured cars. (Tundra, Highlander,
Camry, Corolla, MIRAI, etc.)


150 people team, including TOYOTA employees and North
America car development members.