TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WEC Partners


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DENSO is one of the largest global automotive suppliers of advanced technology, systems and components, heading toward an automotive society where cars put less drag on the environment and drivers have fewer worries about traffic accidents. Over the years, DENSO and TOYOTA have closely cooperated in the field of car racing. DENSO will continue to supply components and other necessary support to TOYOTA GAZOO Racing contribute to the team's success.

ExxonMobil Corporation.

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ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world's growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and its chemical company is one of the largest in the world. Follow ExxonMobil onTwitter.

ZENT Co.,Ltd

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ZENT Co.,Ltd is an amusement company which develops 'Pachinko halls' in the area of Aichi & Gifu prefectures in Japan. Currently, we operate 23 premises in the region, among which is the largest hall in Japan.

With the catch words "Let's move to the next stage of amusement", we are realizing the future-style amusement.


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AISIN AW has developed products pursuing quality and innovation in accordance with our principle of "Quality Supremacy". We have established ourselves as the world's No.1 automatic transmission (AT) manufacturer by market share. Our car navigation systems also boast a top level production volume in the world. On the basis of technologies we have developed so far, we are enhancing development of advanced technololy, such as electric vehicles, so that we will be able to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and deliver our costomers new satisfaction.


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JTEKT is unique supplier, which have automotive components of JTEKT, bearings of KOYO and machine tools and mechatronics of TOYODA. Focusing on these three product brands, we support development of industry in our high technology and the outstanding quality. Automotive components, such as steering, which contribute "FUN TO DRIVE" and the improvement of environmental performance. Bearings, which support industries and control friction. Machine tools and mechatronics, which are indispensable to manufacturing. Through our consolidated technology, we will be contributing society widely.

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

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Aisin, where "Quality First" is the corporate principle, demonstrates the total power of more than 179 group companies around the world via product lines that cover almost all domains of the automobile, including engine and body related products, transmissions, brake systems and information related. This comprehensive technological capability combines with a wide range of product lines and development and production capabilities as Aisin's strengths. We are working to inspire our customers by overcoming the barriers of product areas with new ideas and providing high value-added products as systems that pursue safety, comfort and environmental protection.


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NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION intends to advance its technology, cost competitiveness, and global reach to firmly establish its position as the best steelmaker.

NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION will pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and contribute to society by providing excellent products and service.

Arai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

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We, Arai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells rubber precision parts mainly oil seals in various industries such as motorcycle, automobile and industrial machinery. About 70 years ago, our founder discovered the pumping effect of rotary shaft oil seals for the first time in the world, and introduced synthetic rubber seals in those days when the mainstream of the seals was leather. Today, inheriting the spirit of our founder, we have developed and expanded the "sealing technology" globally.


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"The concept is racing" : RAYS is a global wheel maker providing high performance forged wheels and high quality cast wheels.

RAYS supplies to the top racing categories with our cultivated technology and development capabilities. This technology has been utilized in all our in house and JAPAN MADE wheels. In addition to the Japanese JWL technical standards, RAYS takes pride with an original and higher safety standard; the JWL+R.


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Our expertise as a leading brake system supplier, along with our experience using the latest electronic technologies, helps us exceed customer expectations. ADVICS develops outstanding brake systems through our continuous study of vehicle kinematic performance. We strive to provide exceptional vehicle safety and comfort the world over, while being environmentally responsible.


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"The needs for safety, environmental design and comfort continue to increase within the automotive industry. Hayashi Telempu responds to these needs as a total supplier of automotive interior components. Furthermore, we utilizes advanced technologies to manufacture high value-added products which are ahead of the times. Our LCD backlight unit is one example of such products.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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Mitsubishi Electric endeavors to be a global leading green company that contributes to society through its technologies. Our power semiconductor devices are key devices for realizing energy savings in power electronics equipment and hold the No.1 market share worldwide. Our automotive power semiconductor devices are utilized in inverters, boost converters and air-conditioners in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

*As the IGBT module. January 2018 Mitsubishi Electric research.

OTICS Corporation

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Ever since the company's foundation in 1918, OTICS Corporation has steadily grown by continuing to satisfy our customers' wishes. Especially in the production of valve train parts, the expertise and technology we have developed allows us to cover everything "from development to production" and has earned us a reputation from many customers as a manufacturing supplier they can depend on for their components.

For a bright future, OTICS has made "harmony and effort", our company policy and "Make More Fans of OTICS with Our Energy and Enthusiasm!"our company slogan, as we pledge to continue manufacturing and providing consistently high quality products.

Toyota Industries Corporation

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As experts in materials handling equipment, automobiles, logistics and textile machinery, Toyota Industries carries out business activities in various countries and regions around the world to deliver products and services that customers really need. We are deeply committed to helping to build a more prosperous and comfortable society for tomorrow's world. Customer's smiles are the very thing that drives Toyota Industries.

Aichi Steel Corporation

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"Great cars are made with great steel" : Inheriting that enthusiasm for study and the spirit of creativity that were imparted by our founder Kiichiro Toyoda, we will continue to create new values while pursuing the infinite potential of the material.

We take great pride in contributing to the realization of a global community, the environment and a prosperous life for people by providing products that meet the diverse needs of customers with "one and only" technology.


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We have listened carefully to the voices of each and every one of our customers, imagining a future full of smiles that is achieved by turning dreams and passions into reality.As the nucleus of the CV Company responsible for Toyota's vans, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, we will continue to tackle the challenge of creating vehicles that are loved by our customers and that will become a close partner to support our customers' lifestyles and work activities.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation

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Toyota Tsusho is working with customers worldwide, capitalizing on our global network in over 120 countries. Our products and services encompass a wide range of areas --metals, automobiles, automotive parts, machinery, energy, chemicals, electronics, foods, textiles, lifestyle materials and more -- essential components to create an affluent and comfortable society. Toyota Tsusho has challenged and continues to challenge itself, as a group of experts who know how to do business around the world.

Toyota Motor East Japan, INC.

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As a member of the Toyota Group, we work from development to production preparation and on through to the production of passenger cars. We also actively apply the skills and know-how we have acquired in making cars to the development of new products and services.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

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Toyoda Gosei is a specialist in the field of high polymers, providing rubber and plastic automobile parts from a global network of 67 group companies in 18 countries and regions.
We aim to be a global supplier that is trusted by customers worldwide for automobile parts that contribute to safety, environmentally-friendly, and comfortable automobiles and world-class LEDs.

Hino Motors, Ltd.

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Hino Motors, Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of trucks and buses in Japan, and also involved in the motor sports. In 1991, Hino became the first Japanese truck maker to enter the Dakar Rally. And ever since, Hino has finished in all 26 races in which it has taken part. In 1997, Hino surprised the world, becoming the first team to make a 1-2-3 sweep in the truck category. Since then, Hino is till going strong as one of the top teams.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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Innovation for Tomorrow.Daihatsu is an automobile manufacturer with a history of over 100 years, established in 1907 through a consortium of industry and academia as a developer, manufacturer and seller of compact cars for the purpose of domestic production of an internal combustion engines. Daihatsu has the three main pillars of business. The first is the domestic business driven by mini vehicles, and then the overseas business, including local production in Indonesia and Malaysia. As a member of Toyota group, we are undertaking consigned production, joint development and OEM business with Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, and in overseas markets.


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At Tokai Rika, we have refined our technology to be friendlier and closer to our users. Working from their perspective, we are focusing on safety, comfort and security. Tokai Rika offers human interface products that convey people's intentions to their vehicles, security products that protect their valued vehicles, and safety products that protect their lives. We are contributing to the development of a society in which both people and vehicles exist together. This is our theme at Tokai Rika, now and forever: "Turn the delight into reality".


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Keen mind, daring spirit, and fine attention... Springs: changing power to motion and motion to power. Limitless possibilities await discovery in the working of springs.

Togo means springs, and as a specialist of automotive small springs, we have been striving to produce high-performance and high-quality springs to meet your needs and trust the power to take and give that every spring conceals. To see what needs discovery, we look ahead to stay ahead. To master springs, we continue to make further advances.


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Our main business line is manufacturing /sales of core engine parts such as piston rings and valve seat inserts, etc, and we have been providing our products worldwide to major automakers both in Japan and overseas.

In response to problems of the environment and energy that are expected to become severer in the future, we are willing to create its own original technologies.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

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The Furukawa Electric Group has kept pace with infrastructuraltechnology of society and industry as an all-around manufacturer of wires and non-ferrous metals.We have done this under our corporate philosophy "Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continuous technological innovation."

Our initial fields of business were expanded to include telecommunications, electronics, new materials and automotive products as we continue to meet the needs of society.

As our group philosophy states, the Furukawa Electric Group is committed to continue contributing to making society sustainable by our constant technological innovation.

Maeda Shell Service Co., Ltd.

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Since its establishment in 1965, Maeda Shell Service Co. Ltd. has followed a policy of putting customers first and now celebrates its 50th anniversary. Our areas of expertise include the manufacturing and sale of 0.01μ particulate filters for pressurized air and 0.3μ particulate filters for blower air, as well as the manufacturing of casting moulds, trimming press moulds for dye casts, shell core casts for motor sports engines, and shell core casts for prototypes.

We also process the precision machining of prototype parts with a 5-axis machining device and the non-electrolytic plating of casting moulds. We have adapted to changing times, and have proceeded to transform and improve for our customers.

Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.

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FINE SINTER produces and sells various kinds of automobile parts such as SEAT, VALVE and BUSHING, VALVE GUIDE for automobile engines, and pistons for shock absorbers, with powder metallurgy technology.

Moreover, FINE SINTER produces and sells brake linings, collector sliders on pantograph for rail cars and compact high performance hydraulic devices. And also produces and sells excellent parts for friction sliding especially.

Since the company was established in 1950, FINE SINTER leads the industry as the pioneer of powder metallurgy and receives good evaluation from customers all over the world. FINE SINTER continues to apply to technology development for No. 1 cost competitiveness based on quality first by means of high technical development.

Daido Metal Co., Ltd.

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Daido Metal Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of plain bearings servicing automotive industry and other industries. Based on our philosophy of "Quality is Life" and "production in the area closer to the customer, provision of same quality and service worldwide", we set up a global production and sales network in five areas, namely Japan, North America, Europe, Asia and China. We are investing our time and effort throughout our production process so that our products deliver high performance, efficiency, improved safety and comfort.


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Aoyama manufactures and supplies total fasteners (bolt, nut, plastic part) to automotive industry.
Based on the trends in the industry such as high power engines, light weight bodies, and electrification of vehicles, we develop and offer wide variety of high functional fasteners.Aoyama provides unique and attractive fasteners to customers by proactively developing new technology based on customer needs.


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ChuyoSpring is a dedicated manufacturer of springs and stamped parts,chiefly for automotive uses.We have established a reputation as the top manufacturer of automotive flat springs in the industry.In addition to flat springs,we also currently produse many of the key functional parts used in automobiles,used in many different parts of the automobile.

Since NSK made Japan's first bearings in 1916, we have supported the advancement of industry and motor vehicles with our unique Motion & Control™ technologies. Our responsive solutions are used to enhance driving, steering, and braking performance in countless vehicles from major automakers around the world. From automotive bearings to electric power steering to components for new energy vehicles, NSK is all around you. We will continue to provide safe, sustainable, and socially-responsible products that evolve personal mobility today and tomorrow.

Tamachi Industries Co., Ltd.

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TAMACHI has spirit of OHTA MOTORS which has taken an active part in the oldest race in Japan. Currently we manufacture the various parts for Motor Sports and for next-generation development. Our products are engine parts, such as the camshaft and the cylinder head, also power unit parts, etc.

We manufacture in pursuit of the high technology for cutting, grinding, and measurement. TAMACHI challenges manufacturing any materials. And we prize a confidential relation. Our technology is continuing the challenge also medical equipment and care robots.


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Gentex is a long-time supplier of electro-optical products for the global automotive industry. It supplies nearly every major automaker with advanced electronic features that optimize driver vision and enhance driving safety. It also designs and manufactures commercial fire protection alarms and signaling devices, as well as electrochemically dimmable glass. Since its inception, Gentex has managed the evolution of the rearview mirror, turning it into a strategic electronic module - a delivery mechanism for advanced vision-related features, including cameras, displays, alerts, transaction modules, and car-to-home automation systems.

Michelin was established in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 1889. In 1895,a car developed by Michelin, fitted with air-filled tires participated in the the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race. Since then, Michelin has continued to innovate and develop over the next 100 years.

Toyota, the world's biggest carmaker, and Michelin Tire, the two industry giants, have been partners in motorsport for over two decades, their relationship began in 1993.