6 Hours of Shanghai

Course: Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai International Circuit
6 hours of Shanghai podium


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing returned to the podium with second and third place finishes in the 6 Hours of Shanghai, the penultimate race of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season.

The #6 TS050 HYBRID of Stéphane Sarrazin, Mike Conway and Kamui Kobayashi recovered from the misfortune of two tyre punctures to earn second place and their fourth consecutive podium finish.

That result keeps them in the fight for the drivers' World Championship, having closed the gap on Porsche #2 to 17 points with 26 still to fight for in the final race, in Bahrain on 19 November.

Third place for Anthony Davidson, Sébastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima, their first podium of the season, strengthened the team's challenge for runners-up in the manufacturers' championship. TOYOTA is 15 points behind Audi with a maximum of 44 available.

When the race began on a sunny Shanghai day, Sébastien was at the wheel of the #5 for the team's first front-row start of 2016 and he led briefly on the first lap before dropping to fifth, with Mike running fourth in the #6 in the opening laps.

An unscheduled stop for Audi #8 around the 90-minute mark lifted the #6 into third place, with its sister car still just behind in fourth and both TS050 HYBRIDs pushing hard at the front.

The situation remained like that through two driver changes for both cars until, with two-and-a-half hours gone, Kamui passed the #2 Porsche for second following an exciting three-lap duel.

That pattern was repeated with the #5 car soon after when Sébastien took over the fight shortly before the halfway point, closed up to the #2 Porsche and took third. However, during the next round of pit stops, he dropped behind again.

More position changes followed soon after the two-hour mark, when a rear-left tyre puncture on the #6 forced an unplanned pit stop and dropped Mike to fourth, with the #5 moving into the podium positions.

Frustratingly, misfortune again struck the #6 when another puncture forced an early pit stop with 80 minutes to go. Kamui began a charging recovery drive, overtaking the #5 for third and then, with 45 minutes remaining, taking second from the #2.

At the final pit stops, Anthony emerged ahead of the #2, bringing the #5 car back into the podium positions while, after the two punctures, Kamui was too far behind the race-leading Porsche #1 to mount an attack.

As the sun set, Kamui took the chequered flag in second, 59.785secs behind the winning #1 car which secured the manufacturers' World Championship for Porsche. Anthony followed 6.253secs later to earn TOYOTA's first double podium since Shanghai in 2014.

Toshio Sato, Team President

“Congratulations to Porsche for winning the manufacturers' World Championship; it is a great achievement to retain this title. We are pleased to have both cars on the podium for the first time this season, despite some bad luck. Just like in the last three races, we have again seen an incredibly close fight with very little separating the three LMP1 manufacturers. This shows how high the level of competition is in WEC and I think the many fans here in Shanghai enjoyed this spectacle. Now we have a short time to prepare for the last race in Bahrain when we expect to again be competitive; we want to maintain our strong performance and fight for the win again.”

TS050 HYBRID #5 (Anthony Davidson, Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima)

Race: 3rd, 195 laps, 6 pit stops. Grid: 2nd. Fastest lap: 1min 46.791secs

Anthony Davidson

“Luck hasn't gone our way this season so it's really nice to be back on the podium again. The race was tough with traffic and an unbelievable amount of rubber on track. Our focus was to get ahead of the #2 car and it was fantastic to do that. It shows how far the team has come since the last podium for our car, at Silverstone in 2015. To get two cars on the podium is a great achievement.”

Sébastien Buemi

“It has been a very tough season for our car so we will enjoy being on the podium. We knew we should be competitive in the race and we were, we just didn't have the pace of the #1 Porsche. Thanks to the team for their hard work to get car #5 back on the podium; I'm really happy. Now we look forward to Bahrain when we want to be strong again.”

Kazuki Nakajima

“I'm really pleased for everyone on the car #5 crew to get this result. Everyone has worked so hard for us to stand on the podium again despite a lot of bad luck this year so big thanks to the team; I hope this is a turning point. It was a difficult race for me but my team-mates drove well and it was nice we could help out our sister car by finishing ahead of the second Porsche.”

TS050 HYBRID #6 (Stéphane Sarrazin, Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi)

Race: 2nd, 195 laps, 7 pit stops. Grid: 4th. Fastest lap: 1min 46.822secs

Stéphane Sarrazin

“That was a good race for us, even though it's not the victory that we enjoyed in Fuji. We had a strong weekend and we showed that our car is very fast. We were unlucky with the punctures. Who knows what we could have achieved without that but I'm still really happy. We're still in the fight for the World Championship; 17 points is not easy but our car is quick and we will keep pushing.”

Mike Conway

“It's been a positive day overall for us and great to be on the podium yet again. It's a pity to get two punctures but the team did a great job to recover; everyone dug in and got the maximum out of our race today. We fought right to the end so thanks to everyone for their effort. I'm pleased to see the #5 guys on the podium as well; it's great for them and the team.”

Kamui Kobayashi

“I'm really happy with our race; second is a good result considering everything. It was a strong recovery drive. Our car was fast and we managed the traffic pretty well. It's nice to see both TOYOTAs on the podium and the team deserves this because we have worked really hard to improve during the season and we are finishing the year strongly.”

  • Start TS050 HYBRID #5 vs Porsche #1
  • Two TS050 HYBRID
  • Sunset to Circuit and TS050 HYBRID
  • Finish
  • Kamui Kobayashi


Pos Cat Driver Car T Laps Total Time Gap Gap Prev. Best lap Best time Best speed
1 1 LMP1 Timo BERNHARD, Mark WEBBER, Brendon HARTLEY Porsche 919 Hybrid M 195 6:00'27.901 7 1'45.935 185.2
2 6 LMP1 Stéphane SARRAZIN, Mike CONWAY, Kamui KOBAYASHI Toyota TS050 - Hybrid M 195 6:01'27.686 59.785 59.785 6 1'46.822 183.7
3 5 LMP1 Anthony DAVIDSON, Sébastien BUEMI, Kazuki NAKAJIMA Toyota TS050 - Hybrid M 195 6:01'33.939 1'06.038 6.253 7 1'46.791 183.8
4 2 LMP1 Romain DUMAS, Neel JANI, Marc LIEB Porsche 919 Hybrid M 195 6:02'08.756 1'40.855 34.817 7 1'46.847 183.7
5 8 LMP1 Lucas DI GRASSI, Loïc DUVAL, Oliver JARVIS Audi R18 M 192 6:00'53.327 3 Laps 3 Laps 7 1'46.185 184.8
6 7 LMP1 Marcel FÄSSLER, André LOTTERER, Benoît TRÉLUYER Audi R18 M 181 6:01'31.997 14 Laps 11 Laps 91 1'46.857 183.6
7 4 LMP1 Simon TRUMMER, Oliver WEBB, Pierre KAFFER CLM P1/01 - AER D 181 6:01'41.377 14 Laps 9.380 5 1'53.065 173.6
8 26 LMP2 Roman RUSINOV, Will STEVENS, Alex BRUNDLE Oreca 05 - Nissan D 180 6:02'05.593 15 Laps 1 Laps 157 1'55.763 169.5
9 30 LMP2 Antonio GIOVINAZZI, Tom BLOMQVIST, Sean GELAEL LIGIER JS P2 - Nissan D 179 6:01'25.266 16 Laps 1 Laps 8 1'56.324 168.7
10 43 LMP2 Ricardo GONZALEZ, Filipe ALBUQUERQUE, Bruno SENNA LIGIER JS P2 - Nissan D 179 6:01'51.424 16 Laps 26.158 84 1'55.739 169.6
11 36 LMP2 Gustavo MENEZES, Nicolas LAPIERRE, Stéphane RICHELMI Alpine A460 - Nissan D 179 6:01'51.933 16 Laps 0.509 6 1'56.375 168.6
12 31 LMP2 Ryan DALZIEL, Luis Felipe DERANI, Christopher CUMMING LIGIER JS P2 - Nissan D 179 6:02'23.055 16 Laps 31.122 122 1'56.224 168.8
13 27 LMP2 Nicolas MINASSIAN, Maurizio MEDIANI, Mikhail ALESHIN BR01 - Nissan D 177 6:01'19.094 18 Laps 2 Laps 7 1'57.036 167.7
14 37 LMP2 Vitaly PETROV, Kirill LADYGIN, Victor SHAITAR BR01 - Nissan D 177 6:02'01.807 18 Laps 42.713 9 1'57.419 167.1
15 35 LMP2 David CHENG, Ho-Pin TUNG, Paul Loup CHATIN Alpine A460 - Nissan D 176 6:00'52.108 19 Laps 1 Laps 9 1'57.211 167.4
16 44 LMP2 Matthew RAO, Richard BRADLEY, Alex LYNN Oreca 05 - Nissan D 174 6:01'46.943 21 Laps 2 Laps 132 1'55.490 169.9
17 67 LMGTE Pro Andy PRIAULX, Harry TINCKNELL, Ford GT M 170 6:00'54.799 25 Laps 4 Laps 5 2'02.217 160.6
18 66 LMGTE Pro Stefan MÜCKE, Olivier PLA, Ford GT M 170 6:01'45.451 25 Laps 50.652 4 2'02.759 159.9
19 51 LMGTE Pro Gianmaria BRUNI, James CALADO, Ferrari 488 GTE M 170 6:02'08.166 25 Laps 22.715 5 2'02.764 159.8
20 95 LMGTE Pro Nicki THIIM, Marco SØRENSEN, Aston Martin Vantage V8 D 170 6:02'33.649 25 Laps 25.483 31 2'03.510 158.9
21 71 LMGTE Pro Davide RIGON, Sam BIRD, Ferrari 488 GTE M 168 6:01'02.117 27 Laps 2 Laps 4 2'03.563 158.8
22 77 LMGTE Pro Richard LIETZ, Michael CHRISTENSEN, Porsche 911 RSR (2016) M 168 6:01'18.158 27 Laps 16.041 4 2'04.098 158.1
23 98 LMGTE Am Paul DALLA LANA, Pedro LAMY, Mathias LAUDA Aston Martin Vantage V8 M 166 6:01'09.426 29 Laps 2 Laps 4 2'04.734 157.3
24 13 LMP1 Mathéo TUSCHER, Dominik KRAIHAMER, Alexandre IMPERATORI Rebellion R-One - AER D 166 6:01'50.096 29 Laps 40.670 6 1'50.973 176.8
25 78 LMGTE Am Christian RIED, Wolf HENZLER, Joël CAMATHIAS Porsche 911 RSR M 166 6:02'01.263 29 Laps 11.167 5 2'05.251 156.7
26 83 LMGTE Am François PERRODO, Emmanuel COLLARD, Rui AGUAS Ferrari F458 Italia M 166 6:02'03.449 29 Laps 2.186 5 2'04.953 157.0
27 88 LMGTE Am Khaled AL QUBAISI, David HEINEMEIER HANSSON, Patrick LONG Porsche 911 RSR M 166 6:02'22.849 29 Laps 19.400 6 2'05.247 156.7
28 50 LMGTE Am Pierre RAGUES, Ricky TAYLOR, Romain BRANDELA Chevrolet Corvette C7-Z06 M 164 6:01'45.312 31 Laps 2 Laps 5 2'05.732 156.1
29 86 LMGTE Am Michael WAINWRIGHT, Adam CARROLL, Ben BARKER Porsche 911 RSR M 164 6:02'29.774 31 Laps 44.462 4 2'05.555 156.3
30 97 LMGTE Pro Richie STANAWAY, Darren TURNER, Aston Martin Vantage V8 D 1 3'37.142 194 Laps 163 Laps
31 45 LMP2 Tor GRAVES, Roberto GONZALEZ, Mathias BECHE Oreca 05 - Nissan D 0 195 Laps 1 Laps