Beginning on January 6th in Lima and finishing January 17th back in Lima, for the first time ever the rally will be 100% in Peru.

The stage schedule is as follows:

  • 06/01 Start Start podium in Lima

  • 07/01 Stage 1: Lima to Pisco

  • 08/01 Stage 2: Pisco to San Juan de Marcona

  • 09/01 Stage 3: San Juan de Marcona to Arequipa

  • 10/01 Stage 4: Arequipa to Moquegua

  • 11/01 Stage 5: Moquegua to Arequipa

  • 12/01 Rest Day

  • 13/01 Stage 6: Arequipa to San Juan de Marcona

  • 14/01 Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona to San Juan de Marcona

  • 15/01 Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona to Pisco

  • 16/01 Stage 9: Pisco to Pisco

  • 17/01 Stage 10: Pisco to Lima

For those who had hoped they had seen the end of the Peruvian challenge in 2018, the 2019 rally will prove to be the toughest yet. Just under two weeks of 70% sand courses will test the mettle of all competitors.



Various vehicles take part and compete in the rally, with the majority of competitors being divided into five categories:

Car 4-wheeled vehicles that are split into two groups: Super Production converted commercial gasoline, diesel, racing vehicles and prototypes.
Production non-converted commercial gasoline or diesel vehicles.
SxS Side by Side UTV, Experimental sidecars. - -
Quads 4-wheeled ATVs. - -
Camion Trucks. - -
Bike 2-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. - -