Creating ever-better cars
from hybrid racing technologies

24 Hours ofLe Mans


Engineering Loop

Toyota engineers live and breathe nonstop innovation and advancements — from concept development, assembly, strict quality control, and comprehensive race data analysis — that take hybrid technologies farther and faster in an almost endless cycle of trial and error. Engineering hybrid technologies is an all-year around endeavor, with development and testing, followed by ultimate performance runs on the world’s most famous race tracks. From the research lab, assembly, distribution to the driver’s cockpit and spare parts availability in the pit, every aspect of this engineering loop is designed to ensure that Toyota’s hybrid system is better than the one that came before it.


Analyzing nearly 300 parameters of race data

During the course of a single race, engineers receive almost 300 sensor data live from each race car. The engineering team must analyze the data in real time, looking for ways to improve performance, anticipate and minimize risk, and thus give the driver an advantage on track.


A world-stage of extremes

The world is indeed a stage but we’re not content on just being players. For Toyota, we’re constantly pushing the limits of speed and endurance and extending the boundaries of what can be achieved through technology. This firm commitment drives us to fierce levels of competition in order to remain among the toughest and most innovative motorsport racing manufacturers on the track.


Race-tested technologies and experience
built in every production car

Nearly every Toyota production hybrid car owes its superior performance and streamlined design from competitive racing innovation. The body shape and design angles play crucial roles in airflow around any car, which dramatically affects downforce related to speed and road-grip performance. The TS040 HYBRID race car’s characteristic streamlined shape is exclusively designed to maintain optimum balanced airflow for higher speeds on the straights and more gripping performance around hair-pin turns on the race track for maximized fuel efficiency. The research learned from the TOYOTA Hybrid System – Racing in World Endurance Championships, inspires today’s efficient consumer hybrid cars that you love to drive.


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing endured a long Le Mans 24 Hours, showing good reliability but finishing a disappointing sixth and eighth at the Circuit de la Sarthe...

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Pos No. Drivers Race Grid Fastest lap
6 2

Alex WurzStéphane SarrazinMike Conway

6th (+8 laps), 387 laps, 30 pit stops. 7th 3min 22.633secs
Pos No. Drivers Race Grid Fastest lap
8 1

Anthony DavidsonSébastien BuemiKazuki Nakajima

8th (+9 laps), 386 laps, 29 pit stops. 8th 3min 20.896secs

News Release

Feel the Power

  • "With the hybrid boost coming in, we've made a car wild and powerful, and exciting!"

    Anthony Davidson
  • "It feels like a big lion trying to push and go forward, so together with a normal engine, it's an amazing feeling."

    Sébastien Buemi
  • "I'm saying all the time - it's like a rocket. I'm stuck on the seat. It's just amazing, especially with four wheel drive."

    Stéphane Sarrazin