New challenge to Nürburgring just kicks off

2014.06.06 Challenge to Nürburgring2014

“Better cars and better people writing a new chapter in car making. Creating exciting and characterful cars enthrall the public. The tougher, the better. There’s “taste” that cannot be found out by figures or logic but can be only acquired by those who overcome the challenge. GAZOO Racing challenges its 8th Nürburgring in order to create even better cars, people and team working together.

Race Schedule

24 Hours Nürburgring
1st Qualifying 19th June (Thu) 18:45~23:00
2nd Qualifying 20th June (Fri) 10:15~12:15
Final 21th (Sat) to 22nd (Sun) June (Germany time)
■ Ustream 26hrs live broadcasting
In addition to simultaneous distribution of "J SPORTS" program, official footage, interviews of GAZOO Racing drivers... etc are to be distributed.
Distribution schedule
【Ustream】 From 21th June (Sat) 22:00 To 22th June (Sun) 24:00 Japan time
【Webpage】 Open on 17th June

Cars & members

  • GAZOO Racing LEXUS LFA Code X
    GAZOO Racing LEXUS LFA Code X
  • GAZOO Racing TOYOTA 86
    GAZOO Racing TOYOTA 86

This year GAZOO Racing fields two LFAs and one 86 for a total of three entries. The team’s mechanics are mostly employees of TOYOTA. All team members are pulling together for its 8th challenge to Nürburgring.

  • Takayuki Kinoshita Takayuki Kinoshita
    Mr. Kinoshita started his racing career in 1983. He won many times in Japanese Formula 3 Championship, Japanese Touring Car Championship and SUPER GT. He has greatest number of participation as Japanese in 24-Hour Nürburgring.
  • Hiroaki Ishiura Hiroaki Ishiura
    Mr. Ishiura has accomplished great results in SUPER GT and Japanese Championship Formula Nippon. He participated in SUPER GT (GT500 Class) from LEXUS TEAM SARD in 2013. This year’s Nürburgring 24-Hour is his 4th challenge
  • Kazuya Oshima Kazuya Oshima
    Mr. Oshima has accomplished great results in SUPER GT, Japanese Championship Formula Nippon. He participated in SUPER GT (GT500 Class) from LEXUS TEAM LeMans ENEOS in 2013 and won in SUPER GT Round8 Motegi.
    Participated in Nürburgring 24-Hours Endurance race 2007,2008, and 2013, and VLN 2008 and 2011. This is the fourth challenge to the 24 hours race.
  • Akira Iida Akira Iida
    Mr. Iida debuted in Fuji freshman race in 1989, and since then he has accomplished great results in SUPER GT, Japanese GT Championship. He established reputation for driving technique with various settings.
  • Juichi Wakisaka Juichi Wakisaka
    Mr. Wakisaka won in SUPER GT500 in 2002, 2006 and 2009. He participated in SUPER GT(GT500 Class) from LEXUS TEAM SARD in 2013. After absence of 1 year, he challenges to his 4th 24-Hour Nürburgring this year.
  • Takuto Iguchi Takuto Iguchi
    Mr. Iguchi participated in SUPER GT (GT300 Class) in 2008. He achieved overall champion in Bangsean 4-Hours endurance race in 2012. He participated in SUPER endurance (ST 4 Class) and won in SUPER GT Round5 Okayama in 2013.
  • Masahiko Kageyama Masahiko Kageyama
    Mr. Kageyama placed 3rd in 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998 for the first time as a Japanese team. TOYOTA86’s race debut in the world was made by him at VLN9 in 2011 and he won first prize by 86 in the 5th SUPER endurance (ST4) in 2013. He is an 86 professional knowing everything about 86.
  • Kumi Sato Kumi Sato
    Ms. Sato started her racing career while in university. She has participated in Japanese GT Championship and SUPER endurance. She participated in TRD Rally Challenge with 86 in 2013, extensively well successes at various fields.
  • Naoya Gamou Naoya Gamou
    After Japanese Formula 3 Championship, Mr. Gamo has been participating in SUPER GT endurance race since 2012. In 2013, he won both in 5th SUPER endurance and 4th GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race Round 4 in Okayama.


Mechanics are unsung heroes. It is seemingly unspectacular but its responsibility is grave. Their work determines the fate of drivers. They keep fighting under unimaginable pressure and grow through strained tension. What they get from the experience becomes nothing but asset. Like the previous years, employees of TOYOTA organize a team for “technical tradition” and participate in the 24-Hour Nürburgring as mechanics. The team consists of young employees from various development departments and keeps on activities with the philosophy, “Honing skills and cars through races and vehicle evaluation”. Some of them are real beginner as a mechanic with no race experience. They will improve themselves through their first 24-Hour Nürburgring by discovering things and struggling to the limit.

“Technical tradition team” - never gives up, no matter what happens