In August 2017, Toyota launched the fourth consecutive leg of its 5 Continents Drive Project in Europe. Previous legs spanned Australia in 2014, North America in 2015, and Latin America in 2016. This latest leg will run 21,000 kilometers across the European continent. The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team runs 5 Continents Drive Project to steer Toyota’s pursuit of making “ever-better cars”. For the Drive, employees from Japan and Toyota’s local affiliates around the world personally got behind the wheel to experience the roads that customers travel every day. Toyota’s goal for 2017, the fourth year of the drive, is to discover the secrets of vehicles manufactured in Europe, the birthplace of car culture, and to meet the high expectations of customers worldwide. The drive also helps Toyota to compile and analyze real-time driving data, which cannot be obtained on test courses, facilitating a system for making “ever better cars”. In the coming years, Toyota will continue the drive focusing on the milestone year of 2020, when Japan hosts the summer Olympics and Paralympics.


Team 1: Around twenty-five days, starting August 28 through September 21.

Team 2: Around thirty-days, starting September 20 through October 19.

Team 3: Around twenty-five days, starting November 29 through December 22.


Approximately 21,000 kilometers in total across the following countries.

Team 1: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium.

Team 2: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, U.K., Ireland and Belgium.

Team 3: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

Vehicles involved

Team 1: C-HR HV, Yaris HV, Prius PHV, Aygo, Corolla, GT86, Land Cruiser 200, PROACE.

Team 2: C-HR HV, Yaris HV, Prius PHV, Auris HV, GT86, PROACE.

Team 3: C-HR HV, Yaris HV, Prius PHV, Corolla, PROACE, RAV4 HV, Land Cruiser 200, MIRAI.


Comprised of 141 drivers, including employees from Toyota Japan and its European affiliates. The group companies also participated this year.

2017 5 continents drive project